What is the Programmatic Agreement Among The Federal Highway Administration, The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and the Louisiana State Historic Preservation Officer Regarding Management of Historic Bridges in Louisiana?

As outlined on the DOTD website, the Programmatic Agreement (PA) for Louisiana’s historic bridges outlines future program planning and procedures for managing historic bridges throughout Louisiana and will assist in streamlining the regulatory process for bridges and future preservation efforts. The PA was executed on September 21, 2015. Highlights of commitments in the PA include:

Ongoing steps in the project will include implementation of these commitments and more as outlined in the approved PA, which is located at the following link: Here


How is this study financed? Is this study a DOTD sponsored project?

This study financed through the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission and DOTD uses a combination of federal and state funds. This study will follow DOTD’s Stage 1 Planning/Environmental Manual of Standard Practice and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

When will construction begin?

This project has been identified as a priority by both the DOTD and the New Orleans RPC.  However, the NEPA process must be completed before final design and construction work can begin. A general schedule of next steps following completion of the EA is in development.

What if it looks like my property could potentially be affected by the project?

Your input is especially important.  Please sign up for project updates, and use the contact information page to let us know if you have a specific question or concern.  The team is committed to minimizing any negative impacts as much as possible.  If your property, or access to it, are potentially impacted by the project, those impacts will be detailed in the Environmental Assessment.  Further, there are specific processes and federal and state regulations guiding property acquisition for public projects.  These regulations have been designed to help ensure an open and fair property acquisition process.  For more information, click here to download DOTD’s brochure, Acquisition of Right of Way and Relocation Assistance.

How can I provide a comment, ask a question or get project updates?

Please check this website for updated project information as well as information on upcoming public meetings. To get project team contact information, or to add your name and address to our contact list, fill out the online form at the top of this page. Using the “Click here to e-mail your questions and comments” button at the bottom of each page will put you in touch with the project team. We will do our best to respond to you within two business days. As the project progresses, frequently asked questions will be added to this page.


Responses to Frequently Asked Questions at the July 10th Public Meeting




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